The Victim Quick Response Program + (VQRP+) provides short-term financial support toward essential expenses for victims, their immediate family members and witnesses in the immediate aftermath of a violent crime. Unfortunately this program does not provide assistance to survivors of historical abuse.

To receive VQRP+ assistance:

  • There must be a violent crime that occurred in Ontario
  • There must be a direct link between the crime and the expense being requested
  • There must be no available service that is publicly funded that can meet the same need
  • Depending on the crime, it must have been reported or disclosed to a police service, child protection authority domestic violence shelter, sexual assault centre, hospital, community agency or Indigenous organization that provides services to victims.

Eligible applicants can access supports for immediate and urgent needs such as:

  • Emergency home safety expenses (e.g. window repair)
  • Practical assistance expenses (e.g. basic necessities)
  • Travel and related expenses (e.g. to medical treatment)
  • Crime scene clean-up (e.g. removal of hate-crime graffiti)
  • Short-term counselling services
  • Supports required for serious injuries
  • Basic funeral expenses and other financial support for families of homicide victims

For more information, visit the Ministry of the Attorney General website

Note: The Criminal Injuries Compensation Board was eliminated as of September 30, 2019. It has been replaced by The Victim Quick Response Program +.

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