December 2022 | Presentation

Trauma Informed Lawyering

Ontario Trial Lawyers Association


Program Description: 

Every personal injury victim has undergone a recent life-altering traumatic experience. Litigation further revictimizes every plaintiff through court processes such as cross-examination where the victim becomes the subject of blame-shifting when facing tactics such as discrediting the Plaintiff or downplaying the magnitude of the traumatic event. This event will be an in-depth discussion on trauma, resilience, compassion, empathy, humility, boundaries, vicarious trauma.

Guest speakers Loretta Merritt and Claire Wilkinson will share invaluable practical tips for providing personal injury clients the service they need and deserve during the various stages of litigation, including the following:

  • Establishing a client-solicitor relationship of compassion and empathy from the initial Intake stage
  • Building rapport with opposing counsel in our virtual court system
  • Effectively navigating common defense tactics  
  • Trauma-Informed preparation for Examinations for Discovery and Trial Cross-Examinations
  • Mediation and Pre-Trial strategies of client engagement, collaboration and agency


Loretta Merritt, Torkin Manes LLP

Claire Wilkinson, Martin & Hillyer Associates

Gerry Antman, Koskie Minsky LLP

Antonia Hristova, Avanessy Giordano LLP

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