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Closing Statement of the Plaintiff  

OBA Anatomy of a Trial: Successful Trial Strategy



Don’t miss out on the third year of this premier program! Join us for a comprehensive examination of the best techniques for conducting a jury trial. This year we take it one step further and focus on high level trial strategy, providing you with the necessary skills and best practices required for success in the courtroom. Lawyers of all levels from the new litigator who has never conducted a trial, to the seasoned veteran, will benefit from this incredibly practical and valuable program.

You will learn how to think strategically when mapping out the course of your trial, manage documents, open and close to a jury, examine and cross-examine witnesses, and much more. A stellar faculty of trial judges from the Superior Court of Justice and experienced trial advocates will demonstrate these skills, and help you understand the tactical and strategic considerations that go into a trial. From demonstrations to debriefs, this program is a must for litigators of all levels, and trial experience. Join us to observe trial advocacy in action.

Don’t miss out on this incredibly popular program to gain valuable knowledge, insight, and skills to navigate a trial from start to finish.

Closing Statement of the Plaintiff
Presiding Judge: The Honourable Justice Graeme Mew, Superior Court of Justice  Demonstrator: Loretta Merritt, Torkin Manes LLP 
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