Aug 28, 2013

Archdiocese of Dubuque resolves sexual abuse cases with $5.2 million settlement.

Ten priests were involved in the case. The abuse occurred between the late 1940s and 1970s. A statement from the Archdiocese of Dubuque, said the Archdiocese will continue to publish notices in its newspaper inviting people who were sexually abused as minors to come forward with information on how to do so. It will also offer to pay for counseling and therapy for victims for up to 12 sessions.

The priests involved are included in the following list published by the Archdiocese:

  • 1930s Joseph I. Patnode
  • 1940s Patrick W. McElliott
  • 1940s Robert V. Swift
  • 1940s Louis E. Wendling
  • 1950s Henry N. Dunkel
  • 1950s William A. Goltz
  • 1950s Albert L. Carman
  • 1950s John A. Schmitz
  • 1950s Thomas B. Knox
  • 1950s Julius J. Olinger
  • 1950s John J. Brickley
  • 1950s Robert J. Saunders
  • 1950s Thomas F. Currier
  • 1950s John T. Reed
  • 1960s Albert J. Forster
  • 1960s William T. Schwartz
  • 1960s Robert J. Reiss
  • 1960s William A. Roach
  • 1960s John M. Peters
  • 1960s John T. Reed
  • 1960s William G. McLaughlin
  • 1960s Maurice J. Tracy
  • 1960s Louis W. Wunder
  • 1970s Allen M. Schmitt
  • 1970s Robert Marcantonio
  • 1990s Timothy L. DeVenney
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